You have come to the right place.

This is a place where you can view all the ways that I can be of

service to you,

educate you,

enlighten and inspire you.

You are unique; there has never been another person quite like you. Through my learning and experience in many realms, I bring an integrated approach tailored to fit you. I am a seasoned therapist in an active private practice, I have been successful in helping people with hurting hearts and ailing relationships, for many years. I am constantly creating new expressions of spirit/body/mind designed to fit each individual and each fresh situation.

Whether listening intuitively to a psychotherapy client, helping couples communicate, teaching a class, creating a prayer, or painting a landscape, I draw inspiration from the Source of All, with faith and joy.

Each person has his or her own creative path. Each life phase has tasks to be fulfilled. Each person has a calling to be answered. Everyone of us has a path to journey.

In my work as a Creativity Coach, I am dedicated to helping you gain the vision to see your path and the courage to walk upon it.

My books and CDs are spiritual words for healing and hope. In these works you will find explorations of doubt and faith, recovery from trauma, addiction and anger as well celebrations of gratitude, as the fountain of healing.

I am dedicated to inspiring others to live in total wellness.