About Paulette

Paulette brings to her work a practice a broad range of skills cultivated over more than forty years of being in the healing arts. She has a Spirit/Body/Mind perspective that includes training as both a licensed psychotherapist and a credentialed teacher. Her clients and students have ranged in age from 2 to 92. Additionally, she has been a longtime professional in the fields of bodywork, yoga, and dance/movement. This provides her with a kinesthetic understanding of how trauma is held in the body. Body/mind integration has provided her with a wide range of stress-reduction skills, including Meditation, Relaxation, Therapeutic Touch, and Mindful Movement.

Dance Improvisation has been her steady practice for the whole of her life. Dance has been a profound form of therapy, as well a deep expression of prayer, healing, and ecstasy.

An artist in many forms, all the paintings on this web site are Paulette’s as well as the sacred poetry from her three published books:

  1. Dancing with the Divine: Prayers & Meditations for Movement & Stillness
  2. And You Shall Be a Blessing
  3. Longing & Be-Longing

Baby Paulette in Einstein’s arms – an auspicious beginning!

Baby Paulette in Einstein’s arms – an auspicious beginning!

Paulette says:

Teaching only that which I intimately know, I continue to grow and learn. I walk my talk. I sometimes fall down, yet I am learning how to rise up. I personally understand the alchemy of transforming suffering into wisdom. Having healed from a childhood of tragedy and trauma, I have been married and divorced and raised two daughters as a single mom. I see myself as a powerful model for becoming whole again.When I first became a healer, back in the 70’s-I heard my teacher, Ram Dass, say that the most important thing a psychotherapist can do is to work on one’s own consciousness. I understand that I can only give what I have. Through many years of challenges, the work on my consciousness has evolved into a creative, blessed life filled with love and service. The challenges and joys of parenting and grand parenting and a life of solid relationships have enriched my life. I am in continual awe and wonder of the human condition. I retain a child-like curiosity to each new person before me. I feel so blessed to be a therapist – which is an amazing art form!My education and life-long learning has included many generous and amazing teachers, rabbis, professors, healers and travel guides on my journey.

Zalman & Ram Dass -Maui March 3, 2008

Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi and RamDass, two of my most valuable teachers.

My meditation practices started with Transcendental Meditation in the late sixties when I was a stressed-out mother and full-time student at UCLA. Since then my practice has developed and changed many times. I have been exploring my Jewish heritage and evolving my relationship to God. My deepest truth is that I am a soul living in a human body that has come here to grow and learn how to love and serve. The more I learn- the more I know I do not know.

I have lived for many years on the Westside of Los Angeles, in Culver City, Topanga, Venice, and for the last several years in Santa Monica. I love being near the ocean and the mountains, where I take many long walks. I dance, write, do improvisational acting, play with my cats, travel, watch my grandson’s basketball games and go where the creative light leads me.

Here I am

I am here.

I breathe your breath…

Standing on this earth

Reaching upward I touch sky…

Here I am God

Here in this moment….

I ask for sacred emptiness

Only this breath, this Time, this Space

Being here with You…..

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Paulette lakeside Paulette reaching