What Clients Say

“I feel very lucky to have found Paulette. I was at a low point in my life – stuck in a rut from years of just “getting by” and avoiding any real growth. My life didn’t feel like my own and I certainly wasn’t ready when it threw me a curve… My marriage of eighteen years was ending. I was lost. Thankfully, fate led me to pick up the phone and call Paulette. She has helped me discover who I am, what I am capable of and what I really want. She’s helped me change the story that I’ve been telling myself for far too long. She is helping me take control of my life. Today I have something that I haven’t had for a long time… real hope. I finally feel like my best days are ahead of me. I’m excited for my future and I’m ready to write the next chapter of my life. Paulette is a very special light. Her energy is healing, she understands my creative mind and her experience makes her invaluable. Calling her was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

— A.R.

“I have been seeing Paulette for the better part of 20 years, not only myself but also, my wife, my mother, my sister and even my father, so yes, she is our family’s therapist-and we all respect her with the highest regard. This is a testate to Paulette, who is as not only a wonderful, spiritual, energized woman but also a wonderful practitioner in the art of therapy. Her life story/her personal art brings her to a level of understanding that many will never reach in her field. She has helped me more than can be expressed in words. She is calm, a good listener, understanding, compassionate, and tough when she needs to be, guiding me to these same places in my own life. Transcending disbelief and depression I am now a man that loves, enjoys life, and has compassion for even the most difficult of people and situations. Without Paulette I would still be swimming, lost in the chaos of fear and self-loathing. I thank Paulette for saving my life.”

— E.B.

“With Paulette’s guidance and support I am becoming my true self-confident and comfortable being who I am and pursuing my passions. Paulette’s honest and direct approach holds me accountable to my goals and dreams.”

— N.T.

“I was a patient with Paulette for two years. When I first came to her I was very depressed and suffering all the time and somehow she just pulled me out of myself. She got me interested in creative work again instead of constantly complaining and feeling sorry for myself. She really opened the door into a more joyous life. I love her completely, She’s a very loyal person. She listens to me; she never attacks me. Except sometimes she wakes me out my trance and I’m able to see for myself how adolescent is my thinking. Paulette is so upbeat; she helps me be happy. She’s spontaneous- we have fun- I laugh in her sessions. I really love going there and laughing. She’s not only my therapist she feels like my special friend.”

— E.S.