Couples Communication

May you gaze into one another’s eyes
And see and be seen
As you journey on the path of Love
May the obstacles you encounter
Be remedied by compassion and learning.

Almost every couple that calls me wanting Couples Therapy says exactly the same thing:

”We need to learn to communicate.”

Communication – means sending and receiving. It means learning to speak with clarity and compassion and to listen – not just hear. Communication means to listen with empathy – to really feel with all our senses, what the other person is sending.

Inside the couples relationship lays heaven or hell. Each of you longs to be seen and heard. Each of you has a desire for intimacy, to be known and loved. In a unique process I have developed, I give you each individual time with me in addition to the couple’s session. This allows for you each to reveal your authentic self without prejudgment.

When each person has his/her special time of safety with me, it becomes easier to open up to your partner and develop the communication that you both yearn for. I try to hold the scales of justice fairly. I tend to be as honest as possible—to maximize your time and money.

You will learn to discern the difference between needs, want and preferences.   We will explore the possibility of giving up addictive thought l that leads to expectation and ultimately disappointment. We will discover how to replace expectation with expectancy. Relationship can be the greatest classroom for self-knowledge and healing while attaining higher consciousness and deeper compassion.

Learning true empathy- to experience how your partner experiences – is a great deepening in relationship learning. Another unique feature of couples work with Paulette can include a process of Conscious Empathy called “Walking in Your Shoes” and what it is like to be that other person.

You may want to go to my article on Fair Fighting. Many have found the “Anger and Forgiveness” meditation on my CD Medicine Words to be useful. You might consider purchasing the CD or requesting the mp3 from me. You can listen to samples under the Menu Heading Transformational Media.