Creative Path "Alone in the Woods"

Creativity Coaching

“All Children are artists.
The problem is how to remain an artist
Once he grows up.”

— Pablo Picasso

Whether you identify yourself as an artist or not, creativity is a function of the mind.  You are the artist of your life.

Perhaps you are longing to produce or create but feel stuck in getting started. Perhaps you are in the middle of a project and have hit the wall. Or maybe that work remains in a desk drawer and you are fearful of exposing yourself to the world. A creative impasse can occur in art, business, career, or relationships – anywhere in the process from conception to manifestation to promotion. Wouldn’t it be great to become the creative person you came here to be?!

With specific tools, techniques and homework, which I have designed, you can set intentions and ascend into new vistas.

These techniques were developed for the class- “The Creative Path”- which I taught over twenty five times and with many individual artists in wide variety of fields.

Being blocked creatively is an emotional state of fear that causes an impasse. It always comes from the Censor—the little self that lives in fear and masquerades as the helpful grown-up. Using Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way as a guide, I help you to identify your calling, to bring intention to your goals. I help you to wake up to the fulfillment of your dreams, learn how to talk back to the Censor and expand your Higher Self and explore new landscapes of artistry.

Creativity Coaching is a unique specialty which few therapists practice.

Guide my courage to be with my fear
To move through fear
Strengthening me in untried ways
That I become explorer, lover, artist.

Yield from my soul courage to imagine, to wonder
To dance, to sing, to revel in colors
To be sensual, in prayer and ecstasy
Even when it doesn’t make sense.

Remove from me
All that hinders me from wholeness
So I become the truth of my being.

You grace me with the power
Of time and energy.
I receive You with an open heart

Dancing with the Divine:
Prayers & Meditations for Movement & Stillness.