Creative Path "Alone in the Woods"


Receive the gift of your creativity and be the artist that you are. For the creative mind just beginning or just blocked — you can manifest your creative gifts with boldness and success. The workshop will be a catalyst for your creativity so that you will:
Learn how to identify your censor while overcoming blocks.
Learn specific techniques for transforming ego into enthusiasm.

Using the inspirational book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, with a unique synthesis of imaginative techniques, therapeutic and spiritual explorations, The Creative Path will inspire new energy into your art. Guided imagery, writing, art, dance, acting, music, and dialogue with peers are some of the expressive vehicles utilized to free the imagination of each unique artist. Paulette guides the group in a magical experience!

This class has been taught over twenty-five times to hundreds of students, artists in wide variety of fields.

Some of the venues, include Ryokan College, Culver City Adult School,  many bookstores as well as private groups.

From the Creative Learning Place, an example of Paulette’s creative work with children:


“The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.”

— FOG, Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)

From Jump rope rhymes and rhythms to “the fog coming on little cat feet” poetry is filled with images of movement.

Students will learn to enjoy poetry through creative dance. In this first workshop for children 5-8, we will explore the joy of motion through movement fundamentals and creative dance.

Paulette will present some poems – this time Cat Poetry. So if you have cats in your house or your friends’ homes this is a good opportunity to look very carefully and observe how cats move- walking, rolling, stretching, and curling.

In later workshops- we will be learning more poetry and dance forms and students will write their own poetry and create their own dance.

Parents are welcome to participate and dance and move with us.

Paulette Rochelle-Levy, MFT is a multi-faceted  artist. She has danced since she was three years old- which was a short time of several decades ago. She is a movement educator, Yoga teacher, psychotherapist, artist and author. Her work includes : Dancing with the Divine: Prayers & Meditations for Movement & Stillness, And You Shall Be A Blessing, and the CD, Medicine Words.