“The greatest weapon against stress
is our ability to choose
one thought over another.”

— William James

As we become more mindful we are able to notice and choose our thoughts.  As we let go of toxic thoughts we begin to transform suffering into learning. Tension is released from our bodies and there is more space for joy. The psychotherapy process is one of learning and relearning new beliefs and new habits of thought and behavior and letting go of that which is not serving you or others.  It is using the mind to heal the mind!  In psychotherapy circles this is called Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy.  In esoteric healing, this principle is “Energy follows Thought.” Our minds, thought, and words can generate destruction, depression, and worry or can be healing medicine providing the space for new perspectives.  That is why I titled my Meditation CD “Medicine Words.” The CD gives you the opportunity to do deep inner work with healing words, imagery, and music. The word “educate” comes from the Latin educare, which means to bring out that which is within.  A good therapist is not just one who listens but one who asks good questions, who is able to draw forth what is within you.  Good questions are ones that the client has not thought to ask him- or herself.  Sometimes a good question can set you on a path toward new curiosity and wisdom.