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You Turned My Mourning into Dancing

In the depths of sorrow

I reached out for I knew not what

Your Light was hidden I knew not where


In the darkness of my bereft body

I danced with grief.

In the pit of my sad stomach

I knew only longing

My heart was crying for solace

Hands  reaching to touch love.

Aching neck, hard to swallow

Breath caught in the lungs.

My sinew wept in loss.


Now, You dance my legs

And lift me from the ground

The weight of fear rolls off my shoulders

Arms reaching into space


Beyond pain, beyond this self.

Turning, turning, turning

Spiraling upward on the wings of music.


It is here that you meet me

And dance my body

No-no more me

Nor longing, nor sorrow

Only the Holy dance

The sacred moment of merging into You

Into the One.


Who would have known

That the road to Mystery lay inside my body

Revealed in the Dance

You awaken my soul

In the core of my being,

I fly

With my feet on Holy ground.